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Web installer

We are glad to present beta version of ZigStar firmware web installer.
Now you can flash ESP32 to your favorite firmware right from web browser! 🚀

Firmware for LAN GW

User xyzroe come up with idea to build a customisable firmware for our LAN Coordinator.
Firmware is based on ZiGate-Ethernet and was completely rewritten to match our PCB and required functions.
ZigStar LAN Firmware

In order to update your LAN Coordinator just upload ZigStarGW_vx.x.x.bin using web interface.

ZigStar GW Multi Tool

GUI tool designed for convenient service work with ZigStar LAN GW and any ZigBee Dongle
You can get started without Python,modules and without using the terminal - just download and open.


  • Read / Write / Erase NVRAM memory of Zigbee module
  • Write / Verify / Erase firmware of Zigbee module
  • Backdoor Serial Loader turns on automatically, Auto-BSL.
  • Manual restart of Zigbee module or ESP32 is available


LAN Coordinator

Released LAN/WiFi coordinators for public.
Available also for purchase.

Help required with 3D Printed Case for LAN Coordinator.
People who can help,please contact me directly. For help a big coupon will be released.


From the moment when ZigStar Stick was released/presented (Oct 16, 2020) to Russian Community, we hesitated to arrange a sell channel for this stick, but other people was more motivated than us on sells,this why you see many different designs using RF-STAR modules,but all have the same base.

Now after a big delay in taking this decision,we decided to start production of stick and another DIY devices for all interested people.

Please folow us for updates.

⚠️ Website is under daily development.