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Web installer

We are glad to present beta version of ZigStar firmware web installer.
Now you can flash ESP32 to your favorite firmware right from web browser! 🚀

ZigStar GW Multi Tool

GUI tool designed for convenient service work with ZigStar LAN GW and any ZigBee Dongle
You can get started without Python,modules and without using the terminal - just download and open.


  • Read / Write / Erase NVRAM memory of Zigbee module
  • Write / Verify / Erase firmware of Zigbee module
  • Backdoor Serial Loader turns on automatically, Auto-BSL.
  • Manual restart of Zigbee module or ESP32 is available



From the moment when ZigStar Stick was released/presented (Oct 16, 2020) to Russian Community, we hesitated to arrange a sell channel for this stick, but other people was more motivated than us on sells,this why you see many different designs using RF-STAR modules,but all have the same base.

Now after a big delay in taking this decision,we decided to start production of stick and another DIY devices for all interested people.

Please folow us for updates.

⚠️ Website is under daily development.