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ZigStar - Web Flasher

Flash or Find your device using next buttons
For ESPHOME firmware we prepared correct firmware for web flashing.

  • Zigbee - ESPHome Firmware with ZigBee on board
  • BT-Proxy - ESPHome Firmware with BT-Proxy functionality on board
  • Mixed - ESPHome Firmware with ZigBee and BT-Proxy on board. May cause interference,use at your own risk.

All ESPHome based firmwares are working over Ethernet.
For Wifi please download .yaml file and edit accordingly .

  1. Plug in your ESP to a USB port. Select firmware for your device
  2. Hit "Install" and select the correct COM port. No device found?
  3. Get ZigStar selected firmware installed and connected in less than 3 minutes!
Use Chrome Desktop Ah snap, you are not allowed to use this on HTTP!
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YAML Download

For advanced users .yaml files are available for download,to edit setting(wifi,sensors,etc)

Firmware Download

Compiled firmware ready to use. Download and flash or use our web installer above.