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  • CC2652P chip from Texas Instruments, using the RF-BM-2652P2 module:
    • Max. RF Power: 20dBm
    • Built-in ROM serial bootloader - no external programmer/debugger needed
  • SMA antenna for 2.4GHz(ZigBee)
  • PoE IEEE 802.3af or passive 48V PoE support
  • RTC with backup battery for offline timekeeping
  • ID EEEPROM (firmware still under development)
  • Easy programming using CC2538-BSL or OpenOCD JTAG(scripts provided)
  • QWIIC/Stemma QT compatible I2C expansion header
  • BSL,RESET Buttons

What is included:

  • ZigiHAT Addon board - 1 pcs
  • Standoff - 4 pcs
  • Plastic screws - 4 pcs


To make setup and flashing procedure more pleasant for end-user,we make some scripts to be used for setup of ZigiHAT

  • Pi_Flasher_CC2538 - Run to flash last Koenkk firmware using CC2538-BSL
      curl -s > && chmod +x ./ && ./
  • Pi_Flasher_JTAG - Run to flash over JTAG the last Koenkk firmware using OpenOCD
    curl -s > && chmod +x ./ && ./
  • Pi_Starter - Run to setup your Raspberry Pi Wifi/Bluetooth, RTC and I2C,what is available on board of ZigiHAT
    curl -s > && chmod +x ./ && ./


Wifi and Bluetooth is recomended to disable in case in not used by system,when Pi_Starter ask you.

Flashing settings

In order to use any of flashing methods(Pi_Flasher_CC2538 or Pi_Flasher_JTAG),all swithes from DIP switch(FLASH) should be in ON position.