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Flash ZigStar LAN Gateway Firmware


Flash firmware

Step 1: Activate Flash Mode

To enable flash mode on ESP32, BOOT button/switch should be pressed before you plug in your USB cable.
Press and HOLD for 5 seconds after you plugged in your USB cable to PC.

*Be sure DIP switch is in ESP Mode( or jumpers are not soldered)


Step 2: Firmware flashing

Start the previously loaded NodeMCU pyFlasher Tool, and select the identified serial port from the list, as well as the downloaded firmware file.


At this point you are up and running.
Access your device by IP or hostname using your browser.


Flashing is required only once if you assembly device yourself or move from ESP-HOME. Use ZigStarGW_vx.x.x.full.binfor NodeMCU PyFlasher

Step 3: ZigBee Firmware Update ( Optional )

In case you want to update/install your Zigbee Firmware, follow ZigStar MultiTool Instructions

Update your firmware

To update your existing firmware2 just go to your browser and access your device by IP or hostname.


Congratulations, you are on last firmware.2

  1. Download ZigStarGW_vx.x.x.full.binif you are using NodeMCU PyFlasher 

  2. Will be downloaded .bin , is specially for OTA update.